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    "Creating healthy, simple and accessible high quality food based on a Paleo lifestyle." 


The goal of 1st & Pillette is to make life easier for individuals or families who are simply too busy to find the time to grocery shop, prepare and cook healthy meals for themselves and their families. 

1st & Pillette provides weekly meal plans, event catering, in home cooking lessons and pantry revamping. What does all of this mean? 

Weekly Meal Plans: This service provides prepared meals as needed for customers. Customers will be allowed to order breakfast, lunch or dinner on a week by week basis. The meals will come fully cooked and separated into containers - all that is required of the customer is to reheat the meal when necessary. Depending on your needs you may get as few or as many meals you would like per week. That is the huge positive of what this company does. We cater to you and the needs that you specifically have. On top of main meals we also provide grab and go snacks that can be great when you're in a rush. 

Have allergies? Follow specific dietary plans? Please let us know so meals and menu items can be adjusted to fit your lifestyle, 1st & Pillette is flexible and capable of making changes as needed. 

**Pricing is determined by the meal size and number of meals purchased each week. 


Event Catering: Having a family get together? Birthday Party? Work Event? Catering for your family and friends is a lot of work, allow us to make it easier. If there are specific items you would like - let us know! We are more than happy to listen to your input and make items that we might not normally offer. Our goal is to provide a specific menu for you and your guests.  For any event we will come set up and provide everything you need! Including plates, silverware and serving platters.  

Don't worry , we stick around for clean up as well! 


In home cooking lessons:  This is a unique service provided by 1st & Pillette.  We understand that not everyone knows how to cook. We are here to help! We will come to your home, bring all ingredients and supplies we need to walk you through and teach you the basics of making quick and simple meals. 


Pantry Revamping: Eating healthy starts in the home. Trying to get started can be a challenging and a daunting task when you aren't sure where to start. Pantry revamping is when 1st & Pillette comes to your home and helps you cleanse your pantry/fridge/spice cabinet. After we clean it out we will make a grocery store run for or with you to help show you what products you should be stocking in your home. As an added perk we leave you with a staple grocery list so the next time you have to go back you won't have to call us. Included in this service is a small booklet of simple recipes and attached grocery list so you don't have to figure out what you will or won't need to pick up! The shopping list will allow you to check off the items you already have while keeping track of the items you need to pick up. 


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Questions/Concerns? Feel free to reach out to us! 1st.pillettecatering@gmail.com 



My name is Kristina Anderson and I am the founder of 1st & Pillette. 

The first thing you might be wondering is "Where is 1st & Pillette?" To date it isn't a physical location but more of an experience that has led me to where I am today. 1st & Pillette is a piece of my life and I am beyond excited to be sharing it with you. The name comes from two different pieces of my journey thus far. The 1st represents the fact that I am a first generation American. My mother was born in Buenos Aries, Argentina and my father was born in North Bay, Ontario Canada. They moved to the states in 1985 after my Dad got a job working for GE in the aeronautical engineering department. He still works there today! Being a first generation American has allowed me to have a unique and exciting life thus far. 

Pillette is part two of my company and it is the name of the street that my grandparents live off of in Windsor, Ontario. This house is so much more than a home. It may only be 4 walls and a roof but it provides an endless supply of love, comfort, peace and of course food! No amount of words could describe the meaning of this place to me. This is the place where I grew to love cooking. Watching my Grandmother stand for hours peeling potatoes or my Grandfather carefully dicing vegetables for his famous soup. Every aspect of cooking a meal for yourself, a friend or for your family is surrounded by love, care and attention to detail.  

That is my goal for my company. To provide meals for my customers that serve a purpose. Food is fuel for your body and our bodies should be getting the very best! 


Now.. a little about me! 

I am a 26 year old female that was born and raised in Cincinnati, OH. I am the youngest of three children. My older sister lives and works in San Diego, California. My older brother is a pilot in the United States Marine Corps. Both of my siblings live out their dreams everyday. I am lucky enough to have such strong role models in my life. My siblings have been huge supporters of me and my dreams. It took me some time but I have found that dream, and this is it! To share my love of food, to help people make their lives a little easier and to provide people with whole food that will give their body the fuel it needs to keep up with the hectic schedules of everyday life. 



Please message me or reach out with any questions you might have!